Friday, 12 March 2010

DriveGLEAM - or How To Keep Your Head Above The Desk At All Times

Laptops usually (or always, these days) have this convenient LED that shows disc activity. While wondering whether your PC has finished starting up and you can finally get some work/fun done, it can be a nuisance not being able to see whether or not that LED is still flickering, especially when using well-hidden desktops or tower model PCs that tend to be concealed underneath desks or in fancy cabinets.

No need to keep banging your head against the desk and scaring your housemates with creative cursing!

DriveGLEAM, a freeware program written by Svein Engelsgjerd and (like zillions of other free tools, shareware, and demos/trials) available from Softpedia, shows you that disc drive activity in your System Tray (the collection of program icons in the bottom right corner of your desktop).

Download DriveGLEAM and install it. The easiest way to configure it - in my humble opinion - is to use the following settings:
  • Put a tick in the box for the disc drives whose activity you wish to monitor
  • Check the 'Show in tray' checkbox
  • Check the 'Start with os' checkbox
  • Click the 'Hide' button
That's all there's to it. For each of the disc drives you selected, you will now see an icon in your System Tray that contains the drive letter, coloured
  • blue: to indicate there is no activity on that disc drive
  • green: to show the PC is reading from that disc drive
  • red: to let you know the PC is writing to that disc drive
Nifty, isn't it?

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