Friday, 26 March 2010

How Can I Convert WAV And Others To MP3?

I ripped a lot of music from my CDs to have it on my mp3 player. Unfortunately I ripped them all in .wav format which seems to be taking a lot more space than mp3 files. Is there a way to convert them en masse?

As usual, there are many freeware tools that can do the job. I use Free Studio from DVDVideoSoft. That's actually a collection of tools to convert things (or formats) to other things (or formats), with one common front end - the Studio.

Free Studio contains audio and video conversion and editing software, DVD and CD burning and ripping tools, and YouTube-related software that (among others) enables you to rip the music from a YouTube video, which is excellent for the ancient ones among us (yeah that includes me) who still have some weird old extinct music on vinyl but have since long sold their turntables on eBay and can't 'rip' the vinyl anymore.

You'd be surprised how many non-mainstream music videos you can find on YouTube and - provided you own a vinyl copy of course - whose music you can then store digitally on your PC. Free Studio is available in several languages - not sure if your native one is included, but it won't hurt to have a look.

By the by, I realise this blog is starting to look like a freeware review site, but reality is: many PC problems have a freeware solution. Laters!

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