Sunday, 4 April 2010

How Can I Make My New Site Show Up In Google?

My new site's been up for a week but it doesn't seem to show up in Google when I search for it. Is there something I need to do?

There is indeed. Your site won't show up, because Google doesn't know yet that it exists. If the address shows up on other sites or forums, it might (or will) be picked up sooner or later, but if you want to lend fate a hand, go to where you can submit your site to the planet's most popular search engine.

Be patient; it won't show up right away. As the Googlebot - that is Google's robot that crawls through all the sites it knows, and makes indexes much like those you find in books - has to work its way through billions of sites (ok there won't be just one Googlebot that's doing that, but still) it can take some days before your site shows up.

If say after a week it still doesn't show up, check if you have a 'robots.txt' file in the root directory (or 'folder') of your site. That file tells robots, at least the ones with a decent upbringing like Googlebot that respect the robots.txt file, which parts of your site they are allowed to access. Robots.txt can also contain a statement that says 'go away and don't index me at all' which could lead to your masterpiece remaining in the dark depths of anonimity instead of being the blessing for human kind that it is intended to be :)

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