Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Less Is More: My Internet Explorer Font Is Way Too Big

I must accidentally have done something wrong because my Internet Explorer font is enormous. What did I do, and can I undo it?

Your font could have been tiny as well, if you would have gone the other way :)

If you used a mouse, you probably pressed the 'Control' (or 'Ctl' or 'Ctrl' or similar) key on your keyboard while simultaneously using the scroll wheel on the mouse.

If you worked with the touchpad on a laptop, you did the same but instead of using the scroll wheel, you touched the scroll area on the touchpad.

Whichever it was: do it again. But do it in the other direction:
  • 'Control' + scroll-up = zoom in, make larger
  • 'Control' + scroll-down = zoom out, make smaller
  • 'Control' + zero (don't use the zero on the numeric keypad of a keyboard as this may/will not work) = reset zoom to the default value

What you've stumbled into, is the Windows zoom function. It doesn't only work in Internet Explorer, but in many other applications/windows as well; not in all of them, though. For instance, in a Windows Explorer window, the zoom function changes the view (large icons, small icons, list, details, etc).

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