Sunday, 4 July 2010

Scanning In Vista: Do I Need Additional Software?

I haven't used my scanner so far and now I'd like to scan a document. I don't see any 'Scan' option anywhere in the Start menu - do I need to install additional software?

Not at all. Under 'All programs' in the Start menu, you should see an option called 'Windows Photo Gallery'.

Click that one, and then click the 'File' button at the top of the window. In that menu, click 'Import from camera or scanner', choose the correct device, and Bob's your uncle!

If, for some reason, you wouldn't see 'Windows Photo Gallery' in the Start menu, you can open a Windows Explorer window and, assuming that your Windows was installed on disc drive C: (which is the default location), navigate to 'C:\Program Files\Windows Photo Gallery\WindowsPhotoGallery.exe'.

Right-click that file and send a shortcut to your desktop or choose 'Copy' and then right-click and 'Paste shortcut' in another Windows Explorer window that's pointing to the folder where you would like to have that shortcut.

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