Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Desktop Security 2010

I'm getting pop-ups from this software, encouraging me to run and buy it, as it has detected malware on my PC. Should I?

There sure is malware on your PC, and it's called 'Desktop Security 2010'. You probably picked it up by surfing unprotected to a dodgy site, maybe even thinking it was an innocent one.

I've been able to help a friend getting rid of it by
  1. installing Avast and Spybot Search & Destroy - check out this post
  2. letting Avast perform a full system scan
  3. and finally letting Spybot Search & Destroy perform a full system scan

Good luck, and next time you hook up a PC to the Internet - or insert a CD or DVD or USB stick or SD card or anything else - first make sure you have these tools installed :)

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