Sunday, 5 December 2010

How Do I Use My Bluetooth Headset With My PC?

I bought this nifty headset for my mobile phone and would now like to use it with my PC as well (Windows Vista), but am having trouble sorting out the Bluetooth stuff. Help!

First of all, make sure your PC actually comes with Bluetooth. Some manufacturers provide a single manual for models with and without Bluetooth, so you may want to check. If there isn't Bluetooth on your PC and you'd like to have it anyway, you could get a Bluetooth USB dongle from Amazon - they're dirt cheap these days.

Next, install the Bluetooth drivers for your PC, if you didn't do that already. Look for them on your PC's manufacturer's website; you can usually find them in a 'support' section, under 'downloads' or so.

Now enable Bluetooth, as it may be switched off. This is frequently the case on laptops to spare the battery. Depending on the make and model, you may need to do this via a hardware switch or in software - check your PC's manual.

Just for the sake of completeness (as you already handled this bit with your phone :), you'll need to know how to make your headset 'pair' with another device. You can find that in the instructions that came with the headset.

Click the Start button and then Control Panel / Hardware and Sound / Bluetooth Devices / 'Bluetooth Settings' (at the top). A window pops up; check these boxes in the 'Options' tab:
  • Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer
  • Allow Bluetooth devices to connect to this computer
  • (optional) Alert me when a new Bluetooth device wants to connect
  • (optional) Show the Bluetooth icon in the notification area

Then click OK to close that window, and put the headset in 'pairing mode'.

At the top of the Control Panel window, click 'Add Wireless Device'. A window will pop up, showing the Bluetooth devices that can be found. Right-click the appropriate one and complete the pairing.

Your headset and PC are now connected, but you'll still need to do a couple of things before you hear your music on the headset or your voice makes it from the microphone to whoever wants to listen to it.

Go to the 'Hardware and Sounds' section of the Control Panel and click 'Sound', or, if a speaker icon is showing in the System Tray (in the lower right hand corner of the desktop), you can right-click that one and then click 'Playback Devices'.

In the 'Playback Devices' tab, click on the headset and then on the 'Set Default' button. Right-click the headset and then click 'Test' to test it. In the 'Recording' tab of that window, handle the microphone similarly. Finally, click OK to close that window.

All set, you can now listen to your music, use Skype, or voice chat using your new toy!

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