Wednesday, 22 December 2010

I Broke A DVD :( I Need A Backup !

Actually, someone else broke it for me, not that I asked for it. I wanted to avoid that this would happen to a few collector's items I have, but Nero tells me it can't do the job because of copy protection. Is there any other way to backup a DVD?

There certainly is, since you have the originals; copyright laws prohibit doing this with media for which you don't have those.

'DVD Shrink' is the tool (and yes, of course, it's freeware :) that does the job - provided you're in a country where it is legal to use it. You can find it here on Softpedia.

Extract the installer from the zip file, and then run it. After installation, you're ready to go. Here's how:
  • Insert the DVD (that's pretty obvious methinks :)
  • Click 'Open Disc'; the disc will now be analysed
  • If on the left you see that the total required space exceeds the size of the writable DVDs you have, uncheck some options on the right (e.g. languages you don't want, extras you don't need), which will reduce the space requirements
  • Click 'Backup'
  • Select your backup target: burn the DVD with Nero (if you have Nero), save it as a hard disk folder, or write an ISO Image file to your hard disc (in which case you need to specify the filename as well;
    look here for some hints on what you can do with an ISO file)
  • Click 'OK' and sit back until the operation has completed
If you decided to write an ISO file, you can now burn that to a writable DVD with whatever burning software you like.

Backup completed.

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