Friday, 11 February 2011

Sing Along With The Lyrics - Me Ears Are Alight?

I noticed that when right-clicking a track in iTunes and clicking 'Get Info', there is a 'Lyrics' option but it doesn't show any lyrics?

It doesn't - unless you entered them, which I presume you don't want to do for your zillions of tracks. Dare I say you would like to automatically import lyrics into iTunes and take it from there? I dare.

Give LyricsFetcher a shot, you won't regret it. Opensource software, as free as it gets, from SourceForge, LyricsFetcher ummm fetches lyrics.

Download, install, run. The program will - if you tell it to - fetch the lyrics for all mp3 files that don't have any embedded yet.

'Embedded' is important here. If you would use programs like Audacity or others to tamper with your mp3 files (to cut bits off the beginning or the end, for instance), it may or will kill your lyrics. The lyrics are stored inside the file, and may (or will) get messed up then.

Therefore, recommended steps when adding a new mp3 file to your collection are:
  • Get the mp3
  • Edit it if you like
  • Add it to your iTunes library
  • Fetch the lyrics with LyricsFetcher

While you get ready, I'm getting my earplugs. Have fun!

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