Friday, 1 July 2011

Windows Live Mail Movements

I have a couple of questions about Windows Live Mail (WLM):
  • Where do I find the message store where all messages are err stored?
  • Can I make a backup of the message store?
  • Can I move it inside a folder I'm already backing up?
  • Can I move messages back to Hotmail so that I can read them with the web browser on any PC in the world?

Not asking a lot, are we ? :)

First things first: where is the message store? In WLM, click the leftmost menu button (the unlabelled one), then 'Options', then 'Mail'. In the window that pops up, click the 'Advanced' tab, and then the 'Maintenance' button. In the window that pops up then, click the 'Store Folder' button and you'll see where WLM keeps your information. You can also change the location there, and move the store to the folder you mentioned. Either that, or you can just backup the Store Folder itself - that's up to you, either will do.

If you want to move messages from your message store back to Hotmail (or, more precisely, from your PC's disc to the Hotmail servers, wherever they are), just drag them from your Storage folders to the Hotmail account's Inbox in WLM. After sending & receiving, they will have been copied to the Hotmail servers and you'll be read them from anywhere on the planet (or beyond, if they have a connection there :).

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