Friday, 20 April 2012

I Want My Favourites!

I have a load of Internet Explorer favourites. I also have a bunch of gadgets (Android tablet et al) that are capable of browsing the web, but I seem to be unable to reuse these favourites there. Is it at all possible to copy them over?
Sure, you can copy the files over, but then you won't be able to use them - then again, you probably already figured that out ;)

Use my FavTree program (need i say it's free? :) which you can download here (rightclick the link, and then save the file somewhere on your hard disc).

As usual, just unzip the archive file and put its contents in a folder, from which you then run FavTree.exe (it requires Windows Vista or higher).

FavTree produces a one-page Dynamic HTML view of your Internet Explorer favourites. This file can then be used on other platforms like Android phones or tablets or iPods and the likes. The 'Dynamic HTML' bit is used to expand and collapse the Favourites folders on the resulting page - give it a shot and you'll see what I mean.

Though it's a pretty straightforward program, some hints can be helpful:
  • Preferably, choose an output file that is in a folder of its own, as FavTree will copy some additional files into the folder where the output file sits; these files are necessary for the 'dynamic' stuff
  • To port your Internet Explorer favourites to another platform, copy the entire folder of the output file and point your browser to the html file
  • On Android (at least on 2.2) the URL to use to make the file work for you looks like: content:// (This assumes the file resides on the SD card, in a folder called 'FavTree', and the file's name is 'myfavs.html')

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