Saturday, 7 July 2012

Windows Live Mail Is Installed In An Exotic Language

I just started to play with my new Windows 7 laptop and it seems Windows Live Mail is installed in a language I don’t understand. Is it possible to change the language without uninstalling and reinstalling?
It is, with just a few clicks (first close Windows Live Mail and any other Windows Live components that might be open) on:
  • the Start button
  • Control Panel
  • Clock, Language, and Region
  • Windows Live Language Setting
A new window will pop up, showing a list with available languages. Select the one you want and then click the ‘OK’ button (in case you wouldn’t see ‘OK’ but something exotic: it is the left button on that window).

You may need an Internet connection as the installer may need to download files for the new language. In that case a window with a progress indicator will pop up. Wait until the progress is at 100%, then click the button (there’s only one, so even if it shows something you can’t comprehend, just click it).

Done! When you start Windows Live Mail, it will now be shown in the language you selected.


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