Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Where Did My Free Disc Space Go?

From time to time I look at 'Computer' in Windows Explorer (I use Windows 7) and recently the bar underneath my C: drive has changed from blue to red. My C: drive’s capacity is 100 Gb, and I only have 8 Gb free space. The strange thing is: I don’t have space-eating games installed and my documents and pictures and the likes are all on another disc. Is there some way to find out where the space is being used, without diving into each folder in Windows Explorer?

Absolutely. Use TreeSize Free which is made available by Jam Software.

It’s small. It’s fast. It’s free. It’s just the way I like it :)

After you’ve installed it, go to ‘Computer’ in Windows Explorer, right-click your C: drive, and then (if, during installation, you didn’t uncheck the option 'Create a context menu entry in the Windows Explorer') click the 'TreeSize Free' option. You’ll see right away where your disc space is being used and can then take appropriate action.

Mind you, that appropriate action could be: 'I need to cleanup my temp folder'. You can use Piriform’s CCleaner to do that (as well as a load of other cleanup) for you. It is – you guessed it – free :)

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