Saturday, 1 June 2013

Laptop Lid Is A Light Switch

I have a new laptop running Windows 7 and if I move the lid even a little bit past perpendicular position, the PC goes into standby mode. Is my hardware knackered?

No. Probably, the switch that is hit by the lid is a bit sensitive, and signals Windows that the lid is closed, even though you haven’t closed it completely.

You can solve this via Windows’ power settings: click the Start button, and then Control Panel. In the ‘Search Control Panel’ box at the top right corner, type ‘Power’. Then, at the left, click ‘Change what closing the lid does’. Next, you may want to change the current options for ‘When I close the lid’ to ‘Do nothing’, which will solve your problem. Click the ‘Save changes’ button to finish.

Do bear in mind that when you close the lid after making this change, nothing will happen and your laptop will merrily keep on running.

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