Monday, 22 July 2013

My Kingdom For An Orb

I reinstalled my Windows 7 PC with the DVDs that came with t, and the appearance seems to have changed: instead of the orb, I have a ‘Start’ button, and the start menu looks like that of an older Windows version too. How can I get my orb back?

I guess your orb and familiar Windows 7 start menu aren’t the only things that are missing: when you hover the mouse pointer over an active program’s icon in the Quick Launch Bar, you probably don’t see the miniature version of its window either. For some reason, your factory reinstall decided to use a ‘Basic Theme’ and not an ‘Aero Theme’; the Aero interface is what you were used to.

Right-click anywhere on the desktop and click ‘Personalize’ in the context menu that pops up. A new window will open:

Scroll down to the ‘Aero Themes’ section and click the image of the theme you prefer. The newly selected theme becomes active immediately, and you can close the window when you’re happy with your selection.

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