Saturday, 28 September 2013

Frequent Favourites

There are certain bookmarks I use all the time on my PCs as well as on my Android devices. On the latter, I don’t really like the stock bookmark widgets as they would clog up my screen, and also don’t like the way the bookmarks are being handled by the browser. Any suggestions?

Yes: use the (free, what else) app ‘Bookmark Home’ which you can get from Google Play. The way it looks and feels is more or less like a JellyBean screen (at least like the one you see with the stock Samsung launcher) – have a look at the screenshots on Google Play, where the description starts with “Bookmark Home is a website launcher, a bookmark manager, that looks and feels like a home application for bookmarks.”, and that is spot on.

On your screen, the Bookmark Home shortcut only takes one icon’s real estate, and when you open the app you see your bookmarks: either as a list, or organised the way the JellyBean launcher screens are. Bookmark Home can import bookmarks from the Android browser and export them to it, and it allows you to define bookmarks manually by typing the URL and the title you want the bookmark to have.

There are several other features – install the app and have a look.

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