Saturday, 18 January 2014

Print That Internet

Sometimes I’d like to have the contents of a website as a PDF file to later on read them on paper or to have them available in one document, like a reference manual. I don’t mean just one web page, but also the pages to which it contains links (and so on). Is that possible?

It is. The solution I’ve used before is Website2PDF. Just enter the URL of the starting page there, and click ‘Next’.

You can then set some additional options, like flagging pages you want to exclude. Click ‘Next’ when that’s done (or if you want to skip it).

The site now crawls the web pages that it finds and shows them in a tree structure, from which you can remove, rename, and reorder pages that were found and would wind up in your PDF file. Click ‘Next’ and the PDF file is generated.

Click the ‘Download’ button and your PDF file will appear. Done!

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