Saturday, 29 March 2014

The Innards Of My PC

I want to sell my PC and would like to get prepared because the last time I did that, potential buyers asked me all kinds of questions about the hardware and software, and I had a hard time trying to find the answers. Is there a way to get all relevant information about a PC, preferably to a text file that could then be e-mailed?

While there must be many of those programs around, I’d go for Speccy from Piriform.

Piriform are the people who brought us the brilliant program CCleaner, and Speccy plays in the same league: it’s free and thorough, and is available in many languages.

Besides being able to view all the information in a window, and copying any of it to the Clipboard, it is also possible to save Speccy’s output as a text or XML file, or to print it.

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