Sunday, 13 April 2014

Drop Dropbox And Swap For Something Secure?

Lately there has been quite a bit of commotion around Dropbox and its lack of security. I mean: files are stored on the Dropbox servers/discs ‘as is’, unencrypted, so theoretically Dropbox employees might be able to retrieve the contents. While I’m not exactly in possession of top secret documents, I am wary about people being able to sniff around my tax declarations and other stuff I consider private - after all, I don’t leave my front door wide open either.

Can you recommend an alternative that is more secure and still has the same functionality and high degree of ease of use as Dropbox? I only use the file sync facility (not the sharing, the photo uploads, or any other stuff that might exist), and the platforms on which I use it are Windows 7 and Android 4. I need less than 1 GB of storage as I only sync documents between computers, smartphones, and tablets.