Saturday, 11 October 2014

A Rant

An experience this time, and perhaps a warning for the unsuspecting. Never again will I buy Medion or Lenovo (Medion is now mostly or entirely - I can’t be bothered to look it up and spend more time on them - a Lenovo company). Actually I wanted to send this to the big honchos at either Medion or Lenovo, but can’t be bothered either to use snail mail (electronically they’re conveniently invisible to the outside world). Closure!

- 05/05/14: ordered (and paid) a MEDION AKOYA E6241 laptop (my 7th – and last - Medion PC, a birthday present for my son)

- 17/6/14: submitted case #231263#1025912#58b0165#: laptop didn't do anything any longer (only the power LED went on)

- 18/6/14: customer service (actually this is the company Dynafix in the Netherlands) replied it might be battery-related, provided some recommendations

- 18/6/14: recommendations did not work, I notified customer service

- 18/6/14: customer service suggested return, provided voucher

- 19/6/14: device dropped off for shipping

- 30/6/14: customer service notified me the laptop had arrived, could take up to 15 working days to process

- 16/7/14: customer service notified me 'the product' was going to be packaged and shipped

- 18/7/14: a different model (P6638) was delivered without prior notification about this change

- 20/7/14: I notified customer service I was not satisfied as this model was much slower than the original one I ordered

- 21/7/14: customer service suggested I return this replacement

- 21/7/14: I asked for a return voucher

- 22/7/14: again, I asked for a return voucher

- 22/7/14: return voucher arrived; customer service informed me that they would look for a suitable replacement

- 22/7/14: I informed customer service that I wanted to know the replacement model as I didn't want to go through returning an inferior model once again (notice that at this point we're already 2.5 months after my original purchase - and payment)

- 23/7/14: customer service informs me that they won't be able to stipulate the replacement model in advance, but would do so before they send me one

- 04/08/14: I asked the parcel service why the laptop hadn't arrived at Medion yet and was promptly told that Dynafix (the Medion repair service) had collected it on 25/07/14

- 04/08/14: I asked customer service for a status - we're 3 months after my original purchase (and payment) now

- 05/08/14: customer service suggested to refund, asked my bank details

- 05/08/14: I provided my bank details; notice that as of now this is mostly one-way communication as I didn't get any further replies for quite a while

- 08/08/14: I didn't get the refund yet and asked when I could expect it

- 12/08/14: I'm a truly irate customer now (if anybody at Medion or Dynafix would know what that means, do explain it to others in the company - assuming anybody cares) and inform customer service that I'll just wait for the money to arrive and will notify Medion and Lenovo board members (I found some names on the web) as perhaps these people do care about customers

- 14/08/14: still no refund; I informed customer service that if the money wasn't in my account on Tuesday 19 August 17:00 CET, I would file complaints with the Belgian and Dutch (I'm in Belgium and purchased the laptop on the Belgian Medion site, Dynafix is in the Netherlands) Ministries of Economic Affairs

- 18/08/14: communication miraculously resumed; I received a reply to my mail from 08/08/14 stating that ‘the order was processed on 14/08 and I would probably have my money in my account end that week or early the next week’

- 18/08/14: I noticed that the money had arrived in my account

- 20/08/14: I received a reply to my mail from 14/08/14 stating that the accounting department had issued the credit order and I should receive it imminently (I already had, of course)

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