Friday, 1 May 2015

My Ears Are Bleeding

My music collection is eons old (OK perhaps not eons, but old nonetheless) and contains several thousands of tracks. The problem is that some tracks sound a lot louder than others, which sometimes leads to jumpy situations. Is there a way to level the volume of my tracks ‘en masse’ so that they’re all more or less equally loud? I use Windows 7.

There is, and it’s free (of course – does a bear?): you may want to get MP3Gain from which has been around and unchanged for a while, but still does the job. Check ‘Add Subfolders’ in the Options menu and then just drag files or entire folders from Windows Explorer to mp3gain. Then click the ‘Track Gain’ button and wait. When mp3gain has completed its calculations, click the ‘Apply Track Gain’ option in the ‘Modify Gain’ menu and your ears will be safe in the future.

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