Friday, 19 June 2015

Free Windows 10 Upgrade: Go For It Or Wait?

My Windows 7 tells me that I’m eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 10. Should I stay or should I go?

Mine tells me the same, and I’ll wait, for two reasons:

1. On my ‘production’ PC, I don’t want to upgrade to a ‘young’ version of the new operating system. It will contain bugs (i.e. errors): most if not all software does, and an operating system is a large and complex set of software. Programming is a bit like playing chess in the way that you need to think ahead of all the situations that could possibly arise. And the more complex the program gets, the more situations could arise - and be overlooked. That’s what you get with Windows Update: corrected versions of parts of Windows that are flawed. Obviously, a brand new operating system will contain more flaws than a not-so-young one. So if you’re adventurous and/or don’t mind that you might have more problems when you install sooner than later, you could take the plunge.

2. At the moment, it’s not clear to me what will happen if, say, the PC’s disc crashes. Windows 10 will be downloaded and installed via Windows Update, which means that you won’t have a DVD or ISO image if you need to reinstall from scratch. I haven’t seen any statement from Microsoft yet about whether or not an ISO image will be made available for downloading, which for me is another good reason to wait and see.

Mind you, you could already reserve your Windows 10 without installing it yet. Then again, you have until the 28th of July 2016 to do that. As of the day after that, you’ll have to pay for your Windows 10 copy.

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