Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Is Adobe Flash Player Secure?

I’ve heard rumours about Adobe Flash Player, notably that it would be very insecure software that should be updated frequently. I can’t find Flash Player or an update checker in my Windows 7 Start Menu; how do I check for updates, if I even have Flash Player on my PC?

Flash Player indeed has a very, no, ‘extremely’ bad reputation. That is called for, as major security issues are discovered frequently. In a nutshell, the software is used on websites and you might not even notice or realise that. If a website has been compromised, just by visiting it your PC might get infected by malware that could enable the bad guys to take over your computer and basically use it for whatever they like - and that won’t be good; not for you, anyway.

Adobe Flash Player is not a standalone program, but a so-called ‘plugin’ for web browsers; that’s why you won’t find it in your Start Menu. To check if you have the latest version (and if you don’t, you should update right away !), visit Adobe’s Flash Player Help page. It lets you check whether or not the progam is installed and if you have the latest version, and if you don’t, it provides an update link.

Additionally, you could enable ‘click-to-play’ in your web browser, which means that you’ll have to give your approval to play the Flash content when you visit a site that contains such content. Instructions for enabling click-to-play can be found here..

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