Saturday, 22 August 2015

Updating Programs When I’m Not Using Them

Many of the programs I’m using under Windows 7 tell me when an update is available. Unfortunately, they do so at a time when I want to use them. Is there an easy way to make them check for updates, and even update themselves, in bulk?

There is, at least very likely for a number of programs you may have. It’s worth having a look at Ninite, which is extremely easy to use. There is a freeware version for home use, and a ‘pro’ version that is chargeable and obviously has more options than the freeware version; look here for the additional functionality that the pro version offers.

When you land on the Ninite site, you’ll see a bunch of programs listed with checkboxes next to them. Check the boxes of the programs you want/have, then scroll down and click the ‘Get Installer’ button. You’re then taken to another webpage where the automatic download of the installer begins. Save that file.

Now you have your local Ninite installer for the programs you have selected – that installer is a program, of course. Run it whenever you want, and it will either install the programs you have selected, or update them to their latest version; it won’t update programs that are already on the latest version, and won’t install rubbish like toolbars etc.

The Ninite installer will install the selected programs in your Windows copy’s language, and there is a command line switch to force another language. You can find the documentation of that command line switch here on the Ninite site.

If you want to change your selection of programs to be installed or updated by Ninite, just go back to the site, select the programs, click the ‘Get Installer’ button, and download a new installer.

Nice? I thought so.

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