Sunday, 22 November 2015

One-stop shopping for a secure Windows 7?

These days there seems to be a lot of stuff that needs keeping an eye on: antivirus, antimalware, Java, Flash, etc. Is there a way to check all of those (and perhaps other things too) to ensure my Windows 7 environment is as secure as it gets, other than regularly checking each of these components individually (which is tedious and takes time)?

As far as I know, there wasn’t, so I made one: meet ‘asfalis’ which (according to Google Translate) is Greek for ‘safe’ - don’t shoot me if it turns out to be something extremely offensive :). You can download it here and unzip the file into a new folder. It doesn’t require installing, and if you want to remove it, just delete that folder then.

The program will yield optimal results if it is run as Administrator, so you may want to right-click file ‘asfalis.exe’, then click ‘Properties’, then the ‘Compatibility’ tab, check the ‘Run this program as an administrator’ box, and click the ‘OK’ button. asfalis doesn’t make any changes to your system; it merely reports potential issues and provides URLs that can be visited to correct a situation by e.g. downloading an update for an outdated program. You may need to tell your antivirus program that asfalis is safe; while Avast and McAfee considered it safe, Norton thought it was fishy (it’s not :).

Below is a screenshot that shows you what to expect; hover the mouse pointer over the toolbar buttons to see what they do, or use the options in the ‘File’ menu. Ah yes, I tested it on Windows 8.1 as well and it does the job there too. Enjoy!

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