Friday, 1 April 2016

Avoiding Windows 10

How And When Should I Use BlockWindows If I Want To Avoid Windows 10 Being Installed?

If you don’t mind getting Windows 10 on your PC, you shouldn’t use it at all. Then again, if you do, step into my office :)

In your web browser, navigate to (or just click here of course). Then, click the ‘Download ZIP’ button you’ll find at the right just below the green bar at the top of the window. Alternatively, click the direct link here, which points to

Download the zip file and extract the files that it contains - perhaps into a new folder. If you do the following, you won’t have to worry about installing Windows updates anymore, as long as you do this each time after you’ve installed updates. It’s still best to install updates manually, so that you receive a notification when updates are available, but they won’t be installed automatically (and you might not notice that that was done).

In the folder to which you extracted the zip file’s contents, right-click file 'BlockWindows.bat' (depending on your PC’s settings, this might be displayed as 'BlockWindows'). Then, click ‘Run as administrator’.

A new ‘command’ window will open now (with white text on a black background) and text will begin to appear there - let it roll.

Wait until you see the text 'Done. Manually Reboot for changes to take effect', followed by ‘Press any key to continue’. Notice that the former will also appear in the middle of processing, with a timer that counts down to zero. That is NOT what you’re waiting for; don’t press any key at that time, wait until that message appears for the second time.

After you have pressed a key (e.g., a letter or number or the space bar), the window will close. Reboot your PC now, and you’ll be okay until the next time you install Windows updates.

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