I first created this program, WindowShopper, a few years back because I was fed up launching web searches and having to sift through loads of irrelevant results when looking to spend some money on a gadget, game, movie, or whatever.

The idea was simple: there's a number of e-shops out there that I trust and where I usually look first when I'm after something. That's because they don't rip you off and/or have a decent customer service.

Rather than surfing to a number of shops' sites, starting a search, going through the results, and comparing descriptions and prices, I wanted all that done for me and handed over on a silver platter ;)

That's exactly what WindowShopper does - by the way, it's a Windows program in case you didn't guess :)

Click the screenshots below to get the gist of what the program looks like:

WindowShopper screenshot - selection window WindowShopper screenshot - results window WindowShopper screenshot - filter window

If you're interested, download WindowShopper here - it's free, of course.

Save the zip file to your disk, create a new folder, and extract the files to that folder. Installation won't be necessary, but you may need to tell your firewall to allow the program to connect to the Internet (it would be difficult to search online shops without connecting...). This may also be required when you install a new version of WindowShopper; it will tell you if a new version is available and if so, will ask you whether or not you want to install it.

Like it? Hate it? Would like it if some functionality or shops would be added? Use the contact form and let me know!